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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Attracted By Gifts!!!

Sometime; Uncle8888 was wondering how does some people got themselves into listening to insurance sales pitch at shopping malls, MRT, and Bus Interchange.

Uncle8888 nowadays has more spare time for gaps filling so he can sit down somewhere into people watching. 

What he has observed!

They use gifts!

Once the gifts have been accepted; these gifts takers somehow will feel obligated to attend the follow up sales pitch and some may get hooked!


So gifts are like baits to fishermen!

Fish got hooked because they opened up mouth. 

You got hooked by sales person because you open your palm! :-)

Another observation; these sales persons are never bothered with rejections; they kept trying until someone is willing to accept the gift!


  1. CW,

    You got it! Spot on!

    I often smile and gave these salespersons the "I fellow snake-oil" look. Most will get it and back away. Professional courtesy mah!

    But there will always be a few "bei kambing" snake-oil who got brainwashed by their handler to never take no for an answer. Pester, pester.

    I'll stop and give them a lesson on how never to take on a fully grown snake-oil like myself ;)


    P.S. Never buy anything financial services from MRT stations or on the street. Think about it for a moment ;)

    I mean if its tissue papers, "karapok", toys, no harm right? But financial services or credit cards??? LOL!

  2. As for bigger fish, he will be wined and dined in restaurants.

    The same as you just make a new "friend" and he is extremely generous and nice to you, watch for the CATch!

    There is no free lunch except in charity temples or organisations.


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