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Monday, 11 September 2017

Master The Art Of Sword Fighting In The Stock Market Through Secret Manual???

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Read? Master the Art of Formless Form - The Greatest of All Kung Fu in Investing

Unlike those days of sword fighting; they couldn't purchase those secret manual of sword fighting or supreme kung fu to become the best sword-man or sword-woman; or pugilistic master. No matter how much Gold or Silver they could afford. These Secret Manuals were not for SALE!

They had to either steal; rob or became the most beloved disciples to get those Manual.

But; now you can easily purchase these secret manual to become better sword-man or sword-woman in the stock market if NOT the best. 

You got $X,XXX to spare? 


Never mind. You can get cheaper e-manual at $XXX through e-learning to become somehow lesser master. Self-learning mah! 


  1. CW,

    I laughed so hard at your highlighted "beloved"!

    Yee... Don't want!

    Don't want to sleep with my teacher/guru!

    Unless the teacher is a "chio bu"....

    Then its my life for you!


  2. Besides "Timing & Time In the Market", what else you need to be on "Top Of The World"?


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