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Friday, 29 September 2017

Our Bosses Are Always Right??? (Refresh)

Read? Our Bosses Are Always Right???

Just recently; Uncle8888 has repeated this to someone who was having Kopi-O kosong with him. It is especially true when you have a nice salary and stable job; and not having to worry about getting retrenchment for the next one to two decades. 

You can then spend more time & energy to focus on personal investing to accelerate your wealth building to reach F.I.R.E. 

You win liao!


  1. Hi bro cw

    Hot temper me... hehehe

    1. Take a deep breathe and excuse me to the toilet. Urgent. Paiseh! Come back and emotion may have changed. :-)

  2. Hihi bro cw

    Good run away idea!!! Hope my leg can run fast enough before 上火... lolz
    I have been trying to control my temper... shifu said my temper too hot... Take it as 修炼...


  3. Ha. Ha.

    i know U had practised what U had blogged above in your former Coy.

    As i have been following your blog all these years, i just know.

    "Bosses are always RIGHT even if they have made a LEFT turn is 100% correct."

    But then i have said many times, SMOL can not be Temparament, Temperament can not be SMOL.

    Besides if a leopard can change his spots, then a snake doesn't has forked tongue.


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