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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Learn Investing From Agar Agar Non Commercial Vested Retail Investors???

Singapore Man of LeisureSeptember 10, 2017 at 6:53 PM


Have you noticed in documentaries about Master Chefs or Ah Ma's home cooking, the way they cooked is "agar agar" and a bit any-o-how? Fusion this, mix-and-match that?

But for cooking class programs for beginners, everything is measured in EXACT proportions, French is French, Cantonese is Cantonese, Korean is Korean? Step by step and no short-cuts (even though there are)!

How many audiences believe they can learn by watching agar agar Ah Ma's home cooking and then can cook the similar meals close to that standard?

You can even watch many times on slow motion. You may not even guess or get the amount of agar agar right!

You may have to cook together with Ah Ma a few more time under supervision by Ah Ma to get it ABOUT RIGHT!

For same reason; many will flock to those have secret recipes with measurement and clear description. No agar agar hor!

Same for investing. Many are willing to pay for Secret Manual with formula and worksheets as measuring tools. 

Who have the time and patience to listen to agar agar investors?

Too difficult to understand!

What is agar agar?


  1. CW,

    What is agar agar?

    Singaporeans would say its something like jelly.

    Americans would say its similar to jell-O.

    And British would say its gelatin like ;)

  2. No agar, agar in investing?

    But then it actually is to me hoh.

    More art than science man.

    If not how i invest man?

    My maths is half-past-sick one as everyone knows.

    Ha. Ha.

    1. We can practise agar agar on ourselves but agar agar is unteachable method.

    2. Student: How much salt to add Chef?

      Chef: Up to you.

      Student: Is this enough?

      Chef: You decide.


  3. The agar-agar is base on experience and personal preference.

    “It is better to be roughly right than precisely wrong.”
    ― John Maynard Keynes

  4. Like that har.

    Student : Why should I learn from you?

    1. Because I can spin a dream how after taking my course, you will be a Michelin Star Chef too!

      Never mind I the "Guru Chef", not one myself...

      Shall I sign you up for the Master Level Weekend 2 Days Retreat Workshop where I'll reveal even more secrets to you?

      If you sign up today, I'll even throw in not one, but two DVD box sets on the hidden techniques to culinery delights!

      Wait! Why are you running out the door!?

  5. One real example of my AGAR, AGAR investment technique is:-

    Example there is going to be an IPO (almost all of IPOs stand for "It's probably overpriced), and yet i have been interested. Aka must be Gong Kia at times lol.

    What shall i do since i am interested yet vey poor in maths?

    This is what i do:-

    Read as much as possible what the market says lol.
    (Market's maths included)

    Then ask myself will the stags make money?

    Is this IPO for long term investment?

    Then i use AGAR AGARLOGY to decice what i think the Market's think.

    Simple right?

    Try it then you know what i mean for people like us (no brains for maths).

    Ha! Ha!

    If U think i talking rubbish, ignore it.

    But it works for me most of the time.

    For U????

  6. Ah Ma's agar agar cooking?

    How old is Ah Ma?

    How long Ah Ma has been cooking that few dishes until Ah Ma can proudly show off her cooking.

    For commoners; don't anyhow quote agar agar to poke people. OK?

    Agar agar is after 10,000 hours of hard work!

  7. Well put!

    i only started learning "real cooking" at the age of 40.

    Before that i only watched and hearsay lol.

    Now i supposed i have my own style of cooking ma.


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