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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Minimize Your CPF OA Before Taking HDB Housing Loan As An Option??? Two Pre-emptive Moves

Firstly; max out CPFIS and stay fully invested before considering HDB housing loan as option. In later years can sell stocks and refund back to CPF OA to service housing loan when necessary. (CW8888 : Hmm ... really arh. Sound like retail investing by CPF members over market cycles is not that difficult hor OR you are damn lucky at the right time!)

Secondly; max out transfer from CPF OA to CPF SA. (CW8888 : Still ok!)

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  1. Hi bro cw8888

    I think i am the "you are damn lucky at the right time!"... hehehe

    I am now considering to move back to oa or do some oa to sa transfer after move back... hehehe

    Thank you for ur advice...


  2. In the olden days, insurance salesman always sell their customers to use part of their OA to buy endowments before taking up HDB loan to prevent HDB from sapu-ing all their OA.

    "Can get 6% returns & after a few years can always surrender with profits better than CPF interest!!" says the numerically illiterate insurance salesmen who can't even fully understand their own insurance quotations & benefit illustrations. Hohoho!!

    In reality, many people who were sold the above ended up with less than 2.5%, and even with losses for those who had to surrender too soon.

    Nowadays, for CPFIS there are products / instruments which are relatively safe and have zero transaction fees, zero commissions, no lock-in, no redemption/selling penalty. So you can still play this hack while not having to take risk in expensive equities or ETFs.

    Once the HDB loan finalized, you can simply sell & move back the monies into your OA while waiting for better opportunities, or simply earn the 2.5%-3.5% & serve as emergency funds for mortgage.

    Quite a few "play" this in order to keep $20K in the OA to earn the 3.5% interest. :)


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