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Friday, 15 September 2017

Two Bank Accounts? No, You may need Four! - (6)

Read? Two Bank Accounts? No, You may need Four! - (5)

Four bank accounts are for ease of tracking and monthly downloading of Excel file; and particularly the Investment account is important for us to PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY separate our investment from all other needs and wants. This setup will help us to ride the emotional roller coaster rides across market cycles without worrying too much about meeting living expenses.

Uncle8888 over the last 17 years hasn't touch a single cent in his investment account; but next year onward will be different as he is now a retiree depending on sustainable retirement income for life!

Where are the money taps to fund four bank accounts?

1 comment:

  1. While I did not realize, this is already the 6th installment for the post!! Truly, the different account for different purposes do seperates us from financial breakdowns. Spending within the limit of each is equally important.

    The right allocation into any is essential as well. These accounts will in turn be a tap to sustain each and every of us when we've retired


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