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Sunday 3 September 2017

The day when doctor brings bad news. It can happen to anyone.

Read? 'IT'S NOT WORTH IT': Ad exec's brutal rant before he died of cancer is absolutely chilling

Read? The day when doctor brings bad news. It can happen to anyone.

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In Aug 2017; the doctor has extended his life passport to Feb 2018 for the next bi-yearly review. Just two months before his review in Aug 2017; he has seen more nose mucus and back drip causing severe coughs and choke while eating "dried" food. Daily nose irrigation didn't help to drain out excessive mucus as it kept producing more. 

Since western medicine has run out of remedies for his persistent cough and nose mucus; he now switched to TCM. Bo pian! He can't be doing nothing. Right?

His hernia which was suspected by the surgeon was due to either persistent coughs or daily pull-ups. With hernia fixed but that is the end of his morning pull-up routine.

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  1. We may like to think that we may more time ahead of us to do those things; but for some of us; unfortunately; time doesn't wait for us to do those things.

  2. My comments went into your old 5 Aug 2014 post instead, so re-posting it below:

    Perils are everywhere around us at all times nowadays. No amount of precautions, medical checkups, etc can prevent sudden tragedies from happening. Every time I read about the deaths of well-known personalities, I'm inspired that they lived a fulfilling life by following their hearts. No regrets.

    The latest was David Tang, the founder of Hong Kong's Shanghai Tang who on Wed at Age 63. He had invited friends to a Farewell Party this month (Sept)but he's too late. His invitation card reads: "The best way to go would be to give a party where we can see each other at least one time more, rather than at a memorial service where I shall be dead as a dodo".

    Reading his background, I can see he lived and enjoyed a great life so no regrets. But millions and millions of people continue to fail to live life till its too late and regret at the end they didn't choose to live better.

    At every junction in our lives, we see multiple paths but its ourselves who choose which one to take. Rather than regret at the end, why not choose better during life's journey?

    (The above was one of my messages sent to a few frds on Whatsapp. In my entire life, I had never posted stuff on internet till a couple of years ago when I retired myself away and decided maybe it's time to open up myself. That's why you see me posting comments online nowadays).


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