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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Why Blue Chips? Depending Who You Ask???

Why Blue Chips?

Uncle8888 has tried simi lansai chips. 

In the end, his blue chips bought during market low are the ones still standing tall as his Money Trees.

Why blue chips?

You have ready-made watch-list of blue chips. You can easily chart STI. You can read newspaper headlines to know when it is about good time for you to start looking at these blue chips. 

Sound not too difficult. Right? Less Analyzing. More Investing - CW8888

Of course, some blue chips may turn into black chips. 

So what? 

In investing, losing some money is part of the Game. You scare to lose your money; then don't play this Game. We just need to win more than we lose; we should be alright over long run.

Uncle8888 has his multi-baggers, his two ZERO baggers and his lousy blue-black chips to prove this theory of Investing. Losing is part of the Game!

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Some update:

The total realized profits and dividends collected over the past 15 years and over the next four years will be more than enough to fully pay for his three children's university education at NUS, SMU and STUD and their full personal living and study expenses.

 Who says Blue chips cannot make it?


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    每个行业都有龙头股, 长期持有优质的股票,最后一定赚钱。

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