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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Can't Really Trust Mr. Market For Enough Money???

... may just be one stock market crash away ....


Absolutely, Uncle8888 knows it too well as he is updating his investment portfolio on daily basis. Letting Mr. Market evaluating our wealth is an illusion of being wealthy as he may just be one stock market crash away.

So how?

Learn from wise SMOL:

To Escape or To Achieve?


Uncle8888 is 下山人who is currently investing to achieve as he doesn't seriously depend on Mr. Market for his retirement income for life.

His Three Tap Solution ...

Same as how Singapore solves its water dependency solution. The Four Water Taps - The New Water strategy.



  1. CW,

    Eh? I've been elevated to "wise"?

    Don't want!

    I prefer "lucky"!

    Don't block me in Toto OK?

    My recent 上山不问下山人 post is an epic fail in linguistics... Times like these I wish I had a brown paper bag over my head :(

    But as a philosophical post... Hee, hee.

    Of all persons, 知音 turned out to be my nemesis!?



    1. We are NOT students who are graded or judged by teachers, tutors, tests or exam. There are NO spelling mistakes or linguistics. Only typo errors. All typo errors are correctable. Even for Press Releases or Signed contractual terms; once we discovered TYPO ERRORS; we can issue amendment, addendum or supplementary, etc. We are NOT students. We are working adults. LOL!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. 上山虎下山虎. Proverbial black swan do happen. Recent earthquake in Sabah where 9 Singaporeans feared dead is a black swan.

    1. Life can be unexpectedly shorter. Once we fully understand it; our stubborn or firmly held views on our life, our money, our job, our relationships and what is so important may change.


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