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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Does Frugality Work In Medical Insurance Coverage?

 Read? Does Frugality Work In Investing???

It is rather strange!

How come some frugal people are willing to pay more for costly medical insurance coverage for treatment at private hospitals?

Only when the prospect of dying is nearer then they will treat themselves better?

So frugality doesn't apply to medical treatment?



  1. Self preservation and prolonging life is a basic human instinct . I experienced when my late father going through his last days. He is a frugal man yet he stays in single bedder in private hospital paying cold hard cash. He spend $3000 every 2 weeks on expensive cancer drugs Ebitux that prolongs his life comfortably for 2+ years. In total he spend about $250k in medical treatments. Get a good medical insurance coverage!

    1. Quite true.

      Many of us are spending our health (overwork and lack of sleep) in our early years to produce more wealth and then spending down wealth trying to restore our health in the latter years. Quite sad!

  2. He lived a full live with 5 grandchildren. He passed away comfortably with good palliative care. He takes care of himself pretty . Left seven-figure amount in equities for my mother and none for me and my sibling. :-)

  3. My late father has joint cdp account with my mother. I am the appointed executor for both their wills to prevent vultures circling. :-p


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