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Monday, 29 June 2015

Human Asset Value and Financial Assets Protection???

When we, the most savvy Financial Bloggers or Retail Investors are GONE! 

What can happen to our assets? 

How to protect our human asset value and financial assets value?

How many financial  and investment bloggers talk about it?

Wealth = Asset Value + Cash flow

Asset Value = Human Asset Value + Financial Assets value.

For our human asset value, we can use life insurance to protect it

But, for our financial assets especially our investment portfolio, our powerful investing strategies, our most savvy investing Mind; seriously have we, the most savvy investment and financial bloggers think about it? 

Can our dependents or next-of-kin safely take over and protect our financial assets and continue to generate that kind of cash flow without some active portfolio management when we are GONE?

Can they?

For the past few years, Uncle8888 has been thinking very hard. 

Have you started thinking?


  1. Haha..i've been thinking of tt too. Once one has a system n a clear way to create, maintain n increase net worth, create a system to continue this is not too difficult.
    one way is to create a trust.

    1. That time I was asking around for Trust. Minimum $5m to start off :-(

  2. educate your children teach them
    give they a 'pouch' 紧拿 and only open when their lives are in danger haha

  3. I am a big believer in placing comments on blogs and forums to inform the blog writers know that they have added something useful to the world wide web! Holborn Assets

  4. i think now CPF Board allows you to transfer your CPF money to your beneficiary's CPF or CPF Board act as a trustee for your beneficiary. i am not sure for the latter.
    And your child or children may not be interested in investing at all.
    If so at least ensure assets and cash left over are not spend at one go or becomes belonging to your children's "best friends".

    1. When my wife reaches 55 this Dec, I will nominate CPF money to beneficiary's CPF and then she can do monthly withdrawal for living expenses

    2. Interesting!
      What's that?
      Care to elaborate?
      My wife not interested in investing at all, all her life too.

    3. Sorry!
      i am still goodo about your answer.
      If you are gone you can only choose all your CPF money as Cash or ENS to your nominee. There is an SNSS but it's only for Special Need Person.

    4. i mean what do you mean by,
      "I will nominate CPF money to beneficiary's CPF and then she can do monthly withdrawal for living expenses."

    5. Remember my wife is housewife with very little CPF OA. When I am gone, her RA and MA will be full till whatever max.

  5. Are you talking about choosing CPF' s ENS for your Wife?
    If so, all prevailing CPF rules apply to her too.
    So how can she withdraw monthly from CPF unless you are referring to CPF LIFE. Which is currently start at 63 or 65 years of age. And not After 55.

    1. Ya!
      You are right.
      CPF become a "Trustee" for your wife.
      But at age 65 only then can she enjoys the fruits from the trees you planted.
      Nobody can touch her money liu.
      This is where the brilliance of our "Top Brains" are very good at.
      You are always responsible for yourself one way or another.
      And for your family too.
      Those who can't.....
      This is only my opinion.
      Now CPF even has SNSS but runs by SNTC which is set up by our G too, not too long ago.
      i think it benefits the people who have special needs children but the G "benefits" too in a way.
      At least the G shows it care for these SPECIAL NEED CHILDREN/PEOPLE.

      But the $$$ funds $$$ are all from you people for your SN people.
      The G so called subsidised the people already by charging very low management fees for being "TRUSTEE".
      i agree but you see nothing is free from our G is always true.


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