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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Made 10,000 People Millionaires???

At course fee of $3,000 per person and let say net margin of 50%. 

Here is the Maths ..

Net margin = 20% of $3,000 = $600

10,000 were tutored or trained faithfully or diligently to become millionaires = $600 * 10,000 = $6,000,000

At course fee of $2,000 per person and let say net margin of 50%. 

Here is the Maths ..

Net margin = 20% of $2,000 = $400

10,000 were tutored or trained faithfully or diligently to become millionaires = $400 * 10,000 = $4,000,000

Think about it.

Which is easier?

10,000 people contributing $3,000 or $2,000 per person to make one person Multimillionaire or One person to make 10,000 people millionaires.

Think for yourself. Folks!

Trust but Verify - SMOL


  1. This marketing gimmick of helping 10K people to be millionaire is question mark??????

    However, many people is lure into it as they don't want to be lose out. They wanted to be millionaire. So pay $3K and HOPE to 'potentially' millionaire.

    Now that one training company is public listed (outside Sg). Their main revenue come from ..... ?

  2. Another training school lagi fear... their mission is :

    "With the mission to help 1 Million Millionaires, __________ Pte Ltd aims to be the leading provider of Financial Education in Singapore and the region."

  3. One of the trainer objective:

    To achieve consistent results of at least 5% – 10% average per month from my investment fund.

    I think this is a quite straightforward objective, therefore, in a year, put it simply I want to achieve at least 50% to 100%. After learning it the hard-way by losing money in 2003 (SARS), and in 2009 (Financial Crisis); since Sept 2012 until Apr 2013 I managed to achieve average 5% per month. I’m now ready to ride on the “mega” bull run, which some people call it.

    Trust but verify?

    1. Trust but verify and protect yourself.
      Reading about your loses during SARS and Financial Crisis don't forget to protect yourself against those Black Swans. They will happen again in the future. Better be prepared than sorry.
      One good approach I uses is to always have in place a few PUT-Options on major Stock Indexes. Costs you a bit of returns, when no Black Swan appears, but can potentially eliminate your losses in sudden market drops.

  4. Portfolio return (my investment fund) of 5% per month i.e. 60% per year and 600% after 10 years?

    1. Imagine what will be the compounded return for 5 yrs.

      Rules 72. 72/5 ~ 14 period to double.

      60 months / 14 =~4.3 double

      So 1000-2000-4000-8000-16000

      If his is successful, his return is >16X in 5 yrs.

      Can he? Could he?

  5. u are talking about those trading courses haha >:)
    organising trading courses are more profitable because no need to cut loss if trade dont go your way. sure win
    if the teacher makes so much money in trading why teach others to compete with himself?
    just keep quiet and keep profiting hehe
    but they will give alot of reasons like want to help others, spread out love, etc etc

  6. Qoute :At course fee of $3,000 per person and let say net margin of 50%.

    》 From the public listed coy report, the net margin is ~ 20%


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