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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Frugality On Our Daily Food or Meals??? (2)

Read? Frugality On Our Daily Food or Meals???

Hey! Are you Teochew?

This morning ...

Got new stall? 

Okay lah. Give new business owner a chance to survive.

So Uncle8888 has his bak chang breakfast at new Nonya Kueh and Bak Chang stall near Kovan coffeeshop where the famous Teochew fish soup stall is located.


Nonya bak chang $3.60 and Teochew bak chang ( 潮州双拼肉粽) $4.00

See the difference between the two type of  bak chang

Nyonya Bak Chang Recipe (娘惹粽 Rice Dumplings)


Filling Ingredients


Fatty Pork and Dried Shiitake Mushrooms

Teochew bak chang ( 潮州双拼肉粽) 

Filling Ingredients


Pork leg meat 前腿肉, chestnuts 栗子, Chinese mushrooms 香菇, dried shrimps 虾米, dried scallops 瑶柱, dried oysters 耗干, salted eggs 咸蛋, ginger 姜, garlic 蒜, shallot 葱头 and red bean paste 红豆沙. Teochews include red bean paste into dumplings to give a balance of sweet and salty taste and this type of the dumplings is called 双拼 or 2 flavours. 

So Uncle8888 being a Teochew; he ordered Teochew bak chang and paid $0.40 more.

So being Teochew. Not frugal?

Now, look at steam fish cooking style ....

Hong Kong style steam fish


Teochew style steam fish


Why add in more ingredients to steam a fish and add more costs?

So being Teochew. Not frugal?


  1. CW,

    No wonder we pak si bo siang kang!

    Ka ki lang nor :)

    Wu piang jiak, ga ga jiak!

  2. hahaha...

    Conclusion : Teochew are not as frugal.

    The older generation are also less frugal than the younger blogger generation! hahaha

    1. Think so.

      Typical Teochew dessert Yam Paste With Gingko Nuts (Orh Nee 银杏芋泥) is more expensive than common dessert served at Dinner e.g. Red bean paste

    2. Teochew porridge with vege n meat also more ex than pork or fish porridge.

      Some teochew porridge stall, u order few dishes .. $15-20....

  3. Teochew steam fish looks so yummyyyyy


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