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Monday, 22 June 2015

The Three Matters On Personal Finance: Saving, Insurance, and Investment!!! (2)

 Read? The Three Matters On Personal Finance: Saving, Insurance, and Investment!!!

That day when his doctor brought bad news to him. He was about to die. What did he do after hearing that bad news?

He spent the next few days busy working out his numbers on saving, insurance, and investment. For a single household income and three schooling children; it was money, money, and money!

He was quite relieved after knowing the number and he was also debt-free. His family shouldn't have any financial difficulty i.e. his family would reach financial independence when he has gone.

When such thing happened, a dead body is worth so much more. That is why life insurance matters during our active human asset phase.

Know the truth behind personal finance.


  1. CW,

    You stay healthy now, you hear?

    Buying insurance on "liabilities"?

    Only you dare to tell the truth like it is ;)

  2. do your best to stay health
    each year you are around, your family would live more comfortably

  3. I was talking to Mr. K on the plane. He emphasized that every parents should "think" that "what if" they die early in an accident or illness, what will happen to their family left behind.

    1. Agreed!

      Anyone including singles who have dependents need to think about it too.

      Single Grasshoppers dancing in the Sun may be no need?

  4. Hi All, just a personal thought of mine. Regardless of whether you are married or single, its important to have yourself insured so that in case of any unforeseen event that renders you to be handicapped or depart from this world, at least your dependants have some money to fall back on. So please do not treat your life insurance and most important, just exercise regularly to keep yourself healthy. For those who are affluent, it will be good to have a will drafted so that you can nominate or willed your assets to your desired nominee.


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