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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Confession Of A Very Serious Retail Investor Over Trading and Investing Before Reaching his 60th Big Birthday!!!

Trading for a living - Total failure!

Some short-term trading supported with long-term investing view still look not too bad as bench-mark against the world's well known investors.

His Total Return over his 15+ years: Human Asset vs. Financial Assets

Sometime it is better to see with one's own honest eyes than to listen to others sweet talking about how to achieve excellent financial return.  See for yourself and make your own judgement. 

Days and nights soaking in the financial world and the result is ...


  1. Replies
    1. CW,

      This post I cannot poke you on your powerpoints.

      Must prostrate myself before your total transparency and act of honesty.

      I think it's fair question to ask: "Did you earn more from your business/career or from your investing/trading?"

      I've answered that question at "My Story" from the very beginning ;)

    2. Agreed. We should always ask ourselves and don't forget it. Did we earn more from our business/career or from our investing/trading?

      Can also ask the Trainer?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. True! I earn more from my career as compared to trading and investment. I lost more in trading :-(
    Reality is painful ouch!

    人無千日好, 花無百日紅

  4. Well done uncle, beat gic and temasek. Of coz, its not comparable. As the portfolio size differs and investment objective and time horizon differs. Nevertheless, nice work u have got 8%. I wish i can get 8%

    1. The idea of benchmarking to World's well-known is for us as retail investors what NOT to expect. XX% return over long period is NOT easy for us to achieve. If someone say CAN; we better to run fast before we kena scam our hard earned money or pay unnecessary extras $$$$!

  5. CW,

    I notice that your CAGR is dropping... from ~10 to 8.

    Why ah? It is due to your invested companies growth stagnant?

    1. Cash is rotting over time decay and O&G is not doing well. CAGR is time sensitive measurement.

    2. Your war chest is taking a short break. When the right time, it will boost your CAGR >10% again. Patient is the key.

      Same same here. :)


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