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Monday, 15 June 2015

Many CPF investors get their fingers burnt!

Only 15% made profits larger than 2.5% and 40% made losses: Report.

In the financial year ended Sept 30 last year (2014), 902,300 investors sold their CPFIS investment.

CW8888: 361K CPF members lost their hard earned saving!

Investing stocks as advertised in the newspapers, social media, blogs, and forums look and talk so easy.

Yesterday Uncle8888 read the best BS so far in the investment and finance blogging sphere; from $30K to $1M in 5 years; it can be as easy as 30-20-20 rule. LOL!


  1. IMO, CPF money should be use for mid-longterm investment, and not for trading.

    If investors use CPF money to invest for long term, it is likely that they can make money.

    Invest in STI ETF for mid-longterm (>5 years), collect ~3% dividend while waiting for capital gain.

    1. Think about it... market is bullish (small one for STI), yet investors lost money.

      Why? Buy high hope to sell higher?

      or they don't really feel it as these money is 'virtual' and not from their cold hard cash?

    2. Yalor. I have feeling that it is more towards "these money is 'virtual' and not from their cold hard cash"

  2. $30K to $1M in 5 years; it can be as easy as 30-20-20 rule. LOL!

    LOL... it is mathematically correct. Primary math.

    Will he show us if he has attain his wealth through this method or just a marketing gimmick?

    Well, is it possible? Yes, a very few (part per million) people could have attain it.

    But for general retail investors, the chance is like buying a toto.

  3. CW,

    Some verification facts for your readers ;)

    1 May 1986 : Approved Investment Scheme (AIS) introduced. Members are allowed to use up to 40 percent of their CPF savings to buy gold, shares, unit trusts and stocks.

    1 Oct 1993 : The Basic Investment Scheme (BIS) and the Enhanced Investment Scheme (EIS) were introduced to replace the Approved Investment Scheme. Members are allowed to set aside a higher portion of their CPF savings (80 percent) for approved investments.

    1 Jan 1997 : The Basic Investment Scheme (BIS) and the Enhanced Investment Scheme (EIS) were merged to form the CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS).

    Don't hit the face!

    1. We should thank Govt for limiting CPF members investment losses.


  4. Eh. I did a dumb thing against blogosphere advice. Bought SGS bonds w 4% coupon using my OA 4 years ago. Bonds will mature in 2018 w principle intact. I transfer the coupons to my SA, to give extra oomph. Expect to have about 28% return.

    1. You have good investing DNA. You know how to trade up from 2.5% to 4% and then turn it to perpetual to 4% CAGR. Dumb meh?

  5. Dumb coz some blogosphere thinks that SGS bonds are IOUs.

    1. Try Greek bonds and see whether Greeks are IOUs? LOL!

  6. CW,

    I use OA to invest many years ago because I does not want my OA to be wiped out after I utilise it for house payment.

    So that in case, I go out of job, I can sell my investment and my OA got money to pay for monthly instalment of house.


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