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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Trading /Investing Educators : The Past and The Present

Over the past 17 years Uncle8888 has attended many investment seminars; investing/trading fairs and exhibitions; some of the past better known "Gurus" whom he could still recalled them are:

1. Freely

2. T3B

3. V3GO

4. Forex PowerUp 

Impressive records shown and many testimonials proving their "Gurus" were right and they were very grateful to these "Gurus" ; but not sure are they still around or they have retired the game like Peter Lynch?

Let see how the present "Gurus" perform over the next decade.

1 comment:

  1. I heard some of those big course seminars can have like 200 participants. Those type of course probably $3000-$4000 plus maybe another $1000 for "software, live data feed, 24/7 support, and what not".

    So let's say "only" $3500 X 200 = $700,000 for just a 2-3 day seminar...

    Book a 3-star hotel function room, maybe $10K for those couple of days. Plus some cheapo lunch buffet & tea breaks ... ok lah, another $15K. Total $25K.

    Still got $675,000 to play with ... Shiok! Just need to conduct 4 X per year ... And every week conduct marketing to hook new "students"!

    Better than reading company annual reports or One Up on Wall Street or Intelligent Investor right?!?!? Kekeke!!!

    Above is what happened to Freely...


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