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Sunday, 6 January 2019

Your CPF is like a Schizophrenic Prostitute. Do You Know How To Have Great Sex With This Schizophrenic Prostitute ???

Read? Your CPF is like a Schizophrenic Prostitute.

c) To resolve this prostitute's schizophrenia, transfer CPF-OA to CPF-SA instead.

A quick way of resolving this schizophrenia is to transfer your CPF-OA to your CPF-SA. This is telling the prostitute that she is not expecting to do any housework so long as she services you well. In return, you end up with the best possible risk-less service possible in the Singapore economy at 4%.

The best time to perform the transfer is when you are young. You have more years to enjoy the 4% compounding. After all, the best times of life to get any serious bonking done is when you are much younger.

I maxed out my CPF-SA in my twenties. From the day I reached minimum sum, subsequent increases in the minimum sum has always been adequately met with the 4% returns. Even now, as my CPF-OA is almost totally exhausted maying off my home mortgage, I received over $10,000 in 2018 from interest alone. At my current age of 44, it does not take very long before I can reap the rewards of moving my CPF-OA to CPF-SA when I was in my 20s.

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How to resolve this prostitute's schizophrenia?

By F this Schizophrenic Prostitute for great sex?

From experience, Uncle8888 has great sex with this Schizophrenic Prostitute and now sharing the secret.

When to F ... this Schizophrenic Prostitute?

You will need to F... her at the right positions to have great sex to produce sexy oomphs!


After great sex and then do sexy refund back to CPF OA ....

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