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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

How I Accumulate $1M In CPF OA! (3)

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Uncle8888 became CPF OA Millionaire without a single cent of voluntary cash top up to his CPF OA during his full-time job as employee from Aug 1977 to Sep 2016  i.e. 39 years of mandatory CPF OA contributions.

This is how he achieved $1M in CPF OA!

50% from mandatory CPF OA contributions as full-time job as employee for 39 years and cumulative CPF OA interests from 1977 to 2004 and the other 50% coming from (a) 20% from cumulative  CPF OA interests from 2005 to 2018 and (b) 30% from CPFIS Net Refund i.e. net investment gains including dividends from 2000 to 2018


  1. Congrat 1M55 with single income. That is a great achievement.

    Can average people replicate your formula?

    Some can, many can't.

    1. You have $300K gain from your investment. Lucky man.
    2. You bought a much cheaper flat 30 yrs ago and you don't upgrade.

    1. The key is unlike many of my peers who choose to take the home upgrade path. May be they made more when they finally downgrade.

    2. I took the upgrading path.

      Sold 1st flat with 100% gain after MOP.

      Sold 2nd condo with 30% gain.

      Current property with 30% paper gain.

      Use CPFIS to 'invest' endowment plan.

      Still attain FRS at age 55. :)

    3. We were lucky as a baby boomer.

      Thanks for LKY and his pioneer cabinet.

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  3. I belong to Gen X. Paid off my BTO flat in my early 40s and hit FRS in my CPF SA in my same year. Can't compare with both 前辈 though. I find moving house very troublesome. Would prefer uncle CW8888 method.

  4. Hohoho! Us oldies and semi-oldies shouldn't portray too much "good times are over" vibes ... the young ones need to believe they can do it too, kekeke! :)

    First & foremost is to ensure long term job paying median salaries ... that means getting reasonably good grades, grit & determination in your working years, keeping your ears & eyes open on industry changes, learning new things along the way.

    Second thing is to start with a "good enough" low-cost housing ... that usually means 4-rm BTO for young couple. After 5 to 10 years in the working world, you will know whether you are one of those high salary or high flier types who can afford to upgrade. Most should just stay put. ;)

    If you get the above 2 in-place, then got high chance to have high CPF amounts without having to risk investing CPFIS or do cash top-ups. But will need long working years, 30-35 years, to hit. Based on actual experience by an older cousin, as well as current progress and projection of a sibling :)

    Singapore property market is mature, so you can't expect double-digit annual capital gains. For those into property investing today, you really need to have patience & buy during depths of recessions. Hard to do this if you're talking about own residential home.

  5. Make a little money here, make a little money there.

    Overall don't lose every year, should be O. K.

    For most of us we need the factoring of time.

    Don't think every year must make some - Don't lose is fortunate Liu.

  6. Hi Uncle CW,

    Congrats and keep it up! Happy new year to you :)

  7. Hi

    Wonder if I have the honour to buy you coffee sometime next week to explore how to maximise using CPF. I ha ve a lump sum coming into my OA after selling my resale flat and is quite clueless about all these top up , Retirement ,etc. Obviously I would also like to hear your investment ideas especially the blue chips like Keppel Corp and many others as well.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Shouldn't be an issue on odd weekdays evening. Email me

  8. Yes, each style is different based perhaps on courage, style, 'luck',or destiny. Majority of our CPF gains are through the good fortune of an successful enbloc and downgrading to HDB instead of upgrading. Debt free and CPF contribution building up with no cash outflow. Total CPF returns about $23k based on mine excluding Mrs returns.

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