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Saturday, 12 January 2019

CPF RA Growth Is Faster

Since the creation of CPF RA with FRS of $131K upon reaching 55 on Sep 2011; Uncle8888 has received total of $51K of interests in his CPF RA over past 7 yrs.

CPF RA Interest Growth Rate

1. $30K @ 6%

2. Next $30K @ 5%

3. Balance of RA @ 4%


  1. But money in RA can see cannot touch. Only can take out a token of appreciation every month starting from age 65.

    1. One decade. It seen to be very long but passes quickly too. Another three years to go, then monthly and truly passive income

  2. CW,


    Lucky you had your 10 baggers from 2003 days ;)

    Imagine retail "investors" talk until got dragons and phoenixes, benchmark like mad with "homemade" annualised returns in percentages, only to UNDERPERFORM CPF during the past 7 years of BULL market?

    What happens when we have BEAR market?

    More to join those 3/4 of retail investors who lost money using CPFIS?

  3. Past few years bull have made more CPF members do well in CPFIS (beat the 2.5% benchmark).

    Latest report as of 30 Sep 2017

    They should be coming out with the 2018 edition soon. Won't be so good I guess. :)

  4. So skill is one thing, how the market performs count a lot.

    Now who can make money in a falling markets? - Bear market.

    Always lose money one for me.

    Only shortists make money?

    1. Bear market. We make money from interests. Where lose money? :-)

  5. Alamak!

    Gong gong buying - trying to play with the falling knives in a Bear market.

    Sometimes, i think "SMOL" laughing at me for fighting in the stock market with one hand only is right for who can fight with both hands.

    In technical aspects of safety in machine operations is call "No hands tie down" - i.e. machine can operate only with both hands simultaneously.

    Yet i can not bring myself to short all these years.

    If i short then how can i try to play with falling knives at the same time?


    1. temperament,

      Hello, I don't laugh at people; I only "poke" them ;)

      There's a world of difference!

      What's a poke?

      Someone shouts his spears can pierce through all shields; and then in the next moment he "lelong" his shields can block all spears!?

      Just like when someone says he does not believe this is the end of the bear market move... And then reveal he has just bought some counters!?

      I poke!

      Emperors walking around naked?

      I poke!

      People lying through their teeth?

      I poke!

  6. Is poke worse or laugh?

    I suppose both can be the same to some people.

    1. temperament,

      That would depend on their vocabulary ;)

      Laugh at - Condescending, patronizong, moral superiority, limpeh better than you...

      Poke others - inside joke, ribbing, tease, play ;)


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