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Monday, 14 January 2019

It Is More Than Just Luck Factor In The Stock Market

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Fear of losing back REAL money on the table has far exceeded the slow yearly yield. We want fast money and not slow one.

How often we have this struggle inside us and how to over ride this fear?


  1. If auntie has hold on to her DBS; her yield now is 16%. Hindsight wisdom. :-(

  2. Need to have confidence & faith (some would say hope LOL) in selected assets.

    Having a separate bucket containing safe assets e.g. cash & govt bonds, will help to steady nerves. :)

    That's why the old cliche of having balanced asset allocation.

    Or else just use some simple trend following & don't think too much
    e.g. be invested or buy when month-end price > 10 month moving average ... sell when month-end price < 10 month MA.

    1. Most of the times, for retails simple method will work for us. Too much thinking. Too much fear

  3. Whatever we do, we must always keep reminding ourself the basic principles of investing, so is everything in life.

    If stray too much, it may be river of no return.

    But sometimes principles can be bended or practically not applicable or needed to find new one.


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