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Friday, 4 January 2019

Open Electricity Market (OEM)

Uncle8888's choice is quite simple. He signed up with Keppel Electric.


  1. Awww sembcorp will be sad lol

    Got ex-staff discount? :P

    I'm looking at those no need security deposit plus additional credit card discount, and at least 25% off current tariff ... greedy lah :)

  2. Same here...

    Are signing online or from marketer?

    I signed up online and get $85 discount. :)

    1. Signed with marketer. $40 discount, one universal travel plug and umbrella and $15 to referer.

  3. The power play in Singapore's electricity retail market switched up further last year, with the incumbent SP Services losing more grip over market share, even as stalwart Keppel Electric gained ground to emerge as the largest retailer among the challengers to SP's dominance.

    Hmmm ... so many keppel retail shareholders supporting Keppel Electric. LOL!

  4. Can anyone explain why Electric Power Supply has been opened to so many players suddenly?

    And suppose to be cheaper by 20 to 30 %.(Does it means we have been overcharged all this while?)

    Will water or gas be next?

    Hyflux and Associates for water?

    Gas (guess ) who?

    Someone told for water it will never happens.


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