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Thursday, 10 January 2019

#3 – It is easier to succeed as an investor than a trader

Read? 7 Money Secrets from ex-editor of The Business Times, Mano Sabnani

It is possible to succeed as an investor or trader, but I believe it is much better to be an investor.

This has always been a contentious point – investing vs trading. Investing is usually defined as having a long-term horizon while using fundamental analysis as a core investing approach. Trading on the other hand often refers to short-term, higher frequency of entries and exits from the markets.

Traders rely mainly on technical analysis or chart reading to make their decisions.

Having been on both sides of the spectrum, I can tell you that my experience and results showed that it is easier to be an investor than a trader. I have achieved far better results as an investor. 

I have also observed more successful investors than traders in my past decade of interaction with market participants. Successful investors probably outnumbered the successful traders 5:1. Maybe I have a biased sample but it doesn’t stop you from observing your circle and verifying if this is accurate.


Uncle8888's experience in short-term trading and long-term investing since Jan 2000 i.e. over 19 years is ...

As long-term retail investors; we just need to be lucky and be right at right time with the right position to enjoy long term success with yearly harvest for next decades!

Uncle8888 has taken back 100% of his own capital out of the stock market to protect himself from drastic drawdown in the next Bear and he still have yearly cash flow from the stock market without having to do anything more to receive it. 

He is expecting to receive about 7.5% yield on own capital in 2019. 

Relax and still have money coming in

How to be lucky?


  1. See the difference between trading and investing for portfolio or account income?

  2. Hmmm whenever I hear his name, I'm reminded of the personal finance lesson about sabotaging one's career/job.

    No doubt he stuck to his principles, but paid dearly for it. Luckily(?) it happened late in his career & he probably made his money by then. But still a cautionary tale.

    1. Too active during office hours on investing or trading is career limiting move. Don't ever think that Wall has no ears and your bosses not awarea

  3. HA! HA!

    Before Internet popularity there was(is) "Telebroker" for working class.

    Still had to hide somewhere to Telebroke.

    Walls have ears, but it depends on the the lock of your mouth is working or not.

    This was the time i learned how to make some good money sneaking in corners, telebroking.

    i agree anecdote of 5 to 10 % survive as pure traders while longer term investors survival rate is higher.

    i suppose 10 to 15 %.

    What does our CPFIS's anecdote of investing says?

    Only about 15 % survive to make money?


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