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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Workfare Payouts (2)

Read? Workfare Payouts

After clarifying with WIS back-end staff' on his eligibility for 2018 WIS;  CPF counter staff finally accepted Uncle8888's appeal for 2018 WIS as self-employed low income worker.

WIS payout as follows:

$200 per month kopi money in 2018!

So Uncle8888 officially contributed +1 to that number of low income workers in Singapore.


  1. Haha 👍

    But how come need to justify with WIS staff? Shouldn't it be automatic?

    1. Last year i.e. 2017 WIS was disqualified as self-employed status due to one time deferred bonus payment from 2016 from ex-company as I retired and not resigned so I was entitled to pro-rated bonus declared in 2016.

      This CPF counter staff just wanted to be very sure so she checked with WIS back end staff since I was disqualified last year.

      I remarked that CPF policies are often not easy to understand. She replied immediately WIS is not CPF. It is from Government. LOL!

    2. Oh i c...

      Good lah ... the Medisave portion can more than cover annual medishield premium. Hoho!

      I previously wanted to get as self-employed tutor, but kena disqualified due to co-owning 2 properties, @#$%^& grrr! :)

    3. Rental is considered as income. You definitely not counted as low income. Your rental income is median income. LOL!

    4. Lucky, dividends are not counted as income!

    5. Lol 😂 No lah still lower middle income haha.

      Since me jobless so all the rental income put under me to reduce wifey taxes. Now I laggi cannot qualify 😩

  2. Is this call milking the cow(the G) for free milk by everyone if they can?

    Yes even multi-millionaires do it by asking children to buy subsidized HDB flats as their first properties.

    maybe 2 bites of the cherry too in former days?

  3. Beside salary <2K, one has to meet additional criteria:

    ** Live in a property with an annual value3 of more than $13,000 assessed as at 31 December of the preceding year;

    ** does not own two or more properties; or

    **if married:
    you and your spouse together own two or more properties; or
    the assessable income of your spouse for the preceding Year of Assessment exceeds $70,000.

    Unfair leh.

    1. Unfair?

      Like the G is milking the people one way or another?

    2. own two or more properties are passive income earners and likely can't be low income. Taxable income from rental more than $20K?

  4. Whether your property is rented out or not U still have to pay property TAX. And at "commercial rate".


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