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Sunday, 31 July 2016

How To Let Your Spouse To Become Passive Investor Even When He/She Is Not Interested In Investing?

1. Open Joint Bank Account with your spouse.

2. Open Joint CDP Account with your spouse .

3. Open Joint Brokerage Account with your spouse

4. Transfer all your investment holding in your personal CDP to this Joint CDP account.

Bravo! You have made your spouse passive investor!

Now, who is still saying that there is no such thing as passive investor with passive income? LOL!


  1. lol and the sun moves from the right to the left.

  2. Walau ... like also can.

    Getting passive income not only doesn't need any work nor money.

  3. If we think about it when we receive one large lump money as gift or tio ToTo JAcktop and dump the money into ETF and forget it. Same effect! Passive investor with passive income till death.

  4. Yes, I initiated to have a joint bank account and joint CDP account with my wife to introduce her to equities. Thereafter she also created her individual account to invest our children's saving.

  5. I did just that recently ... Lol

  6. Totally agree with you... My gf is not interested and "assigns" me to settle it...

  7. My case is from day one after our marriage, my spouse is on "Passive Investing".
    Including her CPFIS.
    So i have been operating "four" accounts, solely
    2 CPFIS & 2 CASH accounts.

    Of course by now, i have done 2 to 4.
    No 1 not long since after our marriage.

  8. LOL!

    temperament and CW both your marriages stood the test of time. All the power to you both!

    I must play the fly in the ointment. Too good to let this opportunity slip:

    1) Its fine and dandy for those in the honeymoon stage, that's until things turned sour and divorce... Eh? Who wiped out our joint accounts???

    2) Women, joint bank accounts are in your favour. That you keep. CDP harmless, keep also. Don't worry about declaring dividends for your income tax returns if you are working. Talk to your hubby, its all taken care of by big daddy. You can go back to sleep honey.

    Ah! But for joint brokerage accounts... This one you must make sure its not a margin or leverage trading account. Wait your hubby bust this joint account like Nick Leeson; and he "run road"...

    Leaving a huge mountain of debt behind for you!!!

    See if the brokerage will listen to your excuse, "But I'm passive! I cannot be held responsible!"

    But of course you know all these already. Continue to act dumb. Let the mule do all the work. Got time jio me out for high tea. Shh...

  9. SMOL,
    When comes to money, what we cannot afford to pay in cash, don't buy.
    What we can afford to pay in cash but don't need, don't buy.
    What we can afford to pay in cash but need, buy the cheaper versions(not branded)if operational and functional wise not much differences.

    So how can i ever dare to touch margin or leverage in financial matters?
    i always consider i don't have the intelligence to use it properly.
    Therefore definitely no margin or leverage trading for me from day one.

    1. temperament,

      I guess property and car are 2 things most people can't pay in cash entirely :(

      Give chance ;)

    2. I am celebrating my 20th wedding anniversary next year. Moreover monetary cost of divorces are super high with at least half of the wealth will go to the other party.

    3. Siew Mun,

      Some wives have money; in a fit of rage, they will sell all your share holdings at the worst prices just to spite you!

      There's such a thing called will. That should suffice.

      Unless all these "loving intentions" are just a cover for cheapo men unwilling to pay lawyers to draft a will...

      Just joking!

      Don't hit the face!

  10. Don't be mistaken.

    i only say i don't have the intelligence to use margin or leverage.
    Of course many, many people just love M & L and can use it with a lot of advantages like short term trading and housing loan for 2nd, 3rd,... properties.
    My respect to them.


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