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Sunday, 31 July 2016

What Do You Really Know The Main Difference Between Growth Dividend Stocks and Income Stock Like S-REITs???

One of the four in the sharing session is not new investor; he and his spouse have been investing. His wife worked as researcher so the couple decided that it is quite obvious that wife will take up the task of researching on stocks and companies.
After reading Uncle8888's several postings on Retirement Planning on his company's Chat Zone; he suspected that Uncle8888 could be an experienced old investor who has made it in his investment to be able to retire @ 60. His Goal is to retire early too.

Some time in life; luck factor does a part. Uncle8888 was queuing to buy his kopi-o kosong at staff canteen. He came and queued behind and then said  "Good Morning, XXXX".

Hmmm .. Uncle8888 was surprised by this greeting as he doesn't really know this colleague well from another Division and very seldom interacts with him on any work related matters too.

One thing Uncle8888 has just learned besides "No Free Lunch".

There is such "No Free Wide and Smiling Greeting from a lesser known".

The real motive behind this Greeting is he has some investment questions to ask.

Okay. Uncle8888 told him to contact Miss Keppel Corp Can Buy Or Not??? (2) as she would be arranging a Sharing Session on Friday.

Like any other retail investors who loves passive income like S-REITs; in the sharing session he asked about S-REITs and income strategy. When he discussed on the right questions; he managed to realize what he didn't know the difference between the investing thesis behind growth dividend stocks and income stocks may have actually slow down his investing journey to reach his investing goals to retire earlier than the official Singapore retirement age.

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