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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Losing Is Part Of The Game. Don't Give Up Yet!

Yesterday, Uncle8888 was talking to this 62+ old years colleague who has been re-employed this year for another year on one-year contract basis.

He has given up on stock market after losing so much money in the past bear markets with a few ZERO baggers and expecting one more coming soon, EZRA.

He asked me about EZRA as he got large position in it. When we looked at the chart; it is quite obvious!

Most of us will lose money in the stock market. That is the only truth! Losing is part of the Game. Don't Give Up Yet!

What we read and hear in newspaper ads and in the cyber world are just advertisement. Not any different like slimming and six-pack ads in one easy way.

The truth, "Gurus" who are making money from investment courses don't lose money. Teaching method and executing method are two different skills.

Uncle8888 lost money; but he never has any doubt that he will give up on stocks and even stick to just stocks listed in SGX.

No global equities diversification.

No Gold.

No Silver.

No investment properties.

Just local stocks and Sing dollars.

He is still surviving. Let see for how long he can stay in this mode.

Simple may not be equal to ineffective.

Uncle8888 knew it in his heart as he tracks every details; count and measure everything that can be effectively pointed to his performance and strategy for revision and improvement. 

No illusion!


  1. sell landed property, downgrade to condo, use profits to buy shares for income and live on it.

  2. Whether it is stocks, bonds, property, metals, just focus on those that you have an edge with and not just follow where others are going.

    Jacks of all, master of none also no good.

  3. Teaching method and executing method are two different skills.
    I find this statement worth repeating and it is a timely reminder to my life goals as well. Teaching (at least for those previews and courses I had attended) involves the "head" while executing involves both the "head and the heart" which sets it apart. Can the head rules over the heart or the heart control over the head? Is that why without the supervision of the "trainer" the students who trade on their own start losing money after a while?

    Your meticulous tracking and strong belief that you can do well in stock market have served you well. Congrats! The challenge is can you clone someone like you and scale up? What criteria must the person have in order to reach your success?

    Investment courses, property, forex, internet marketing ,etc would see an explosive growth in the coming months imo as we begin to witness the global meltdown. In SG, retrenchment and unemployment is going higher with many unable to find jobs or jobs that are replaced by technology. Trading could be another means of livelihood but it can also be a double edge sword if treaded wrongly.
    Perhaps, you can consider crafting a workshop and charge nominal fee to these people and help them ? Just a suggestion.

  4. Hi temp, I rem telling a young investor who was pretty full of himself that he can be rich in a few years time after some 皮毛.

    My ex boss told me the same thing about stocks that we are up against a Bunch of full time 9-5 professionals. It's not as easy if we r part timers with smaller amt n lesser info.

    I conveyed the same to the younger investor. I was mocked bcos he ask me to see the average pathetic fund returns managed by professionals.


    I keep quiet bcos I know that Unlike retail investor, large mutual funds cannot sell their stocks when market downtrend and liquidates everything in cash. They have certain restrictions to stay invested and only keep say 10-20% in cash. They also hold large portion of share (millions). If they sell, it will cause stock price fall even further.

    However retail investor like us can happily buy and sell without moving stock price at all.

  5. Based on my last few years of probing veteran retail investors around me, more veterans are still losing money in the stock market. What we read from investment bloggers is not true reflection on retail investing.

  6. On EZRA, he shook his head again at bad quarterly result as he has average down more in the past months.
    Many retail investors cannot escape from average down to breakeven and they may find it difficult to understand - "We don't need to win back in the same manner that we have lost it." - CW8888

    Read? Investors, learn to play your cards right


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