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Sunday, 24 July 2016

All About Market Timing and Time In The Market

After a few market cycles; Uncle8888 is rather convinced that for retail investors it is about Market Timing and Time in the Market for healing and rewarding.

The last GFC in 2008/2009, it was about financial crisis. This crisis is about O&G crisis.

Those have invested in O&G stocks in the recent years are in for rude shock and years of pains!

Uncle8888 has overheard the pain felt by some retail investors in Kep Corp. It was that bad and they have lost so much!

How about Uncle8888's feeling on his Kep Corp since it is his largest holding in his portfolio, longest holding period, highest yield and highest rounds of trading.

Read? How we made 468% returns on Kep Corp on dividends only

Read? Kep Corp : Bought @ $9.64 for Round 95

As retail investors; we are on our own and remember there is no Holy Grail method that will fit into us. Yes, we can search for ideas and references but still there is no Holy Gail method. Stop believing! You think Value Investing sure made money? You must quickly go and learn har.

When market crashes; value investing made simple. Get it?

Is this market timing and time in the market to get into Value Investing?

How different from value investing that are normally advocated in the printed and cyber world?

When market crashes; we get the right "Value" stocks and spend enough time to get the value from them. Not Value Investing? Then what?

When we get our market timing wrong on our positions and then we spend the rest of our time in the market feeling the pain, losses and frustration and then start or re-start to believe in Value Investing may be the way to go.

The Real Person. The Real Market Timing and Time in the Market. The Real Outcome. The Joy and The Pain in the Ass!

See for yourself closely and see whether you get it?


  1. Same stock. Same company. Same Mgmt. Same dividend payout; but it is joy and pain in the ass.

  2. Hi CW,

    Agree with you, but not to dampen ur spirit bcos even when u start investing at turn of millennium is not a good reflection. U just have to check out how much currency has been printed globally since 2000.

    This has inevitably led to stock rise as interest on savings got squeeze!

    My whole point is the world is relatively more productive from 1970-2000 compared to from 2000-2016 when productivity is low n global economy is artificially stimulated by rapid rise of monetary base!

  3. Just curious. After so many rounds, last round cut you deep deep ? Maybe cannot fall in love with your stock.

  4. I bought Kep Corp after it has fallen a good amount but not a good enough entry price at that, so now still in losses. Looks like I need many many rounds of dividends to break even or wait for it to u-turn.

    1. Wait for it to divest M1 or K1 for special dividend to help you to recover faster.

  5. in my opinion, Keppel is still a superb business. What happens in the Oil and Gas is beyond not just our anticipation, but also big oil companies in the world were caught by surprise!

    Stay within your competency is important, stay within the stocks u know so well which u have achieved great track records over the years is also similarly as important!

    It's nothing to do with emotion or whether we love the stock or not, it's just working on what we know best that we are already so good in and something that we already make money over the years.

    For something we have an edge with, I doubt normal mainstream can understand. That is why some people can walk on steel wire for long distance and not fall, some people walk on normal road also fall down!


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