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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Month Ending Household Expenses Update : Sanity View Of Sustainable Retirement Income For Life


  1. Next month expected to shoot much higher due re-contract for youngest son's upgrade to iPhone user and change-out of his spectacle.

    Me and my spouse will also change-out our spectacles before I retire without anymore earned income. New spectacle will last for the next 10 years. LOL!

  2. CW, do you plan AOB (Annual Operating Budget) for your household expenses?

    How about mid term, say up to 5 years?

    Just asking. :)

    1. I have stopped AOB some years already and switch to maintaining enough money in several spending accounts.

      Home Appliances & misc Maintenance Account:

      Once any amount in this account is spent, I will slowly top back to the original amount over next month or spread out over several months.

      Children Gift Account:

      I am currently and slowly topping up Gift account for my three children as their wedding & new home presents.

      Overseas Travel Account:

      One lump sum in this account which is NOT part of my net worth calculation so that I can travel for the next few years without feeling pain or stress on net worth balance sheet when retire on Sep 2016.

      The rest of other expenditures should be manageable and not lump sum surprising type.

    2. These three accounts are NOT part of net worth balance sheet

    3. lol... then what do you call these asset? Sinking Funds?

      Net-worth BS exclude current flat as well?

    4. Can call it Sinking Fund. Topping up over some period of time to reduce financial stress. :-)

      Ya. Exclude current HDB.


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