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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Most Of Us Will Have A Few Financial Bombs Ahead Of Us And We ourselves ASK for them

We are among those many brave ones who have travelled the normal path . We have chosen to be bombed a few times over our life. 

Some of us might be bombed just one or two times at most while the rest of us are bombed until Chow Ta; but we just restart our finance all over again!

No regret! Life is not just about having MORE and MORE money!

At the end of our bombing journey; many of us still manage to be quite OK financially.

Sometime, Uncle8888 is wondering how he did it?


Well done. Folks!

Give yourself a HIGH FIVE if you have completed your bombing Journey!

We are the Role Models for our future generations!


  1. Hi Bro8888,

    Wah, I like :) That's the way man, bomb lah, bomb until chao ta!

  2. i think no one can say his "Bombing journey" is over until it's really over.
    That is until he says, "Sayonara" to this world.
    i also wish i know when is that day so that i can leave "swee, swee, ma".

    i have HP and spin offs @ Computershare for so many, many years already.
    i think not much time left for me to liquidate these US shares.

    Maybe now is a good time as Market hit New Highs?


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