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Friday, 8 July 2016

Consumerism is NOT the Problem. Over and Under Consume is the Issue!!!

Over consume than our earning; it is not sustainable over long run and then we will not have enough to retire.

Under consume?

"When we are in heaven, our money will still be in the bank."

"We don't seem to have enough money to spend; but, when we are gone; there's still lots of money not spent.

Our money can never disappear when we are gone; someone else will get their hands on our own money and happily spend it!


  1. HA! HA!
    CW, that's where the main problem of living.
    Everything we do we have to AGAK AGAK (moderation & or remember the sign of LIBRA).
    Do you think there is any difference in investing in the market?

  2. I don't mind letting my children spend it as long as I did not compromise my retirement

  3. I don't mind letting my children spend it as long as I did not compromise my retirement

    1. We will have no issue with our children and beloved ones spending our money but not sure "we" are happy with strangers becoming close friends spending it.

  4. If your children is not financially educated, they may soon get acquainted with lots of strangers who will be eyeing their parents' money left behind!

    So leaving down education perhaps can be more important than leaving down wealth!

    Had a friend of more than 20 years who is towkay kia, he is humble and low profile often his employee looks more like a boss than him.

    Recently, he told me that although he is not aggressive in growing the dad's business due to his own personality, he was since young taught to be humble and staying low profile by his dad. This means while he is unable to grow his dad wealth, at least, he knows how to sustain and protect the wealth, more importantly passed down all the right values to his next generation! That is more impt!


  5. And i can tell you your children watch you all the way from young more than listen to you only.
    Don't forget they are more ready to listen to their peers and the world(The power of Advertisements on some people) than you.
    "上梁不正下梁歪" all the way to the doorman.

    1. "上梁不正下梁歪" all the way to the doorman.
      Not to mention family.

    2. Yes agree... 上梁不正下梁歪!
      已身做则 is very impt! More impt than education itself.


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