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Monday, 11 July 2016

Will You Try To Pay Off Your Housing Loan ASAP If You Have One? (5) - Refreshing It!

Read? Will You Try To Pay Off Your Housing Loan ASAP If You Have One? (5)

"When I told some colleagues that I dumped all available CPF money to pay up and took up only 5-year housing loan. I believe some of them might think that I was stupid not to take advantage of the cheapest loan available." - Createwealth8888

I know that the housing loan is the cheapest loan in town and I also heard many times from Mr Property Guru and Mr Banker that housing loan is GOOD DEBT if you are a savvy investor. Really ah?

The Past is not the Present. The Present is not the Future.

When will we know that we have made the right decision and bear the consequences and opportunities from this decision?

The next Crisis is of the equivalent magnitude of GFC or AFC will teach us great lesson for the rest of our time in the market, economy and our jobs.

Younger ones should ask your parents what are in their mind during AFC and GFC? What have they regretted not doing it?


  1. Additional plus point for fully paid property...

    One can raise money via Equity Loan to capture the opportunity during share market crash.

  2. To pay or not to pay down a loan is a matter of individual situation.

    I have held a housing loan for the last 7 years when my wife and I could easily paid it down using our CPF funds.

    At the end of each of the 7 year, we will tabulate the interest earned by us vs interest paid to the bank. For the last 7 years, we made money holding a loan by a simple interest rate arbitrage.

    In the early years, we held an interest offset loan for up to 50% mortgage. All our emergency cash was earning the equal to the mortgage rate. That earned us a few thousands extra a year of interest. With the raising rates, we move to a fixed ceiling loan. I expected that we will still make hundreds of dollars this year.

    The only think we are concern is the CPF withdrawal limit but otherwise, why reject free money?


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