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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Discovering Johore by Bus and Walk! - Pontian Round 2

Read? Discovering Johore by Bus and Walk!

Round 2 : Continue to explore Pontian with one night stay.
Pontian's River and Strait of Malacca

Lunch was at the same old SF Restaurant that we ate at the last trip.
After hearing us talking; the waitress said ... You from Singapore?
Hmm ... wah. She is going to quote us "special" price?
Ya. We are from Singapore. We are visiting our relative here!
Second time here!

Total Bill: RM 109 (One fish, one frog, fried baby sotong, and vegetable)
Previous bill : RM 87 (One fish & one vegetable)
Hmm ... Got "special" for the fish???
This fish and that previous fish not much different in size.
Hmm ... we walked around after the meal; we realized that there were two "new" seafood restaurants nearby since our last trip.
Competition is good for consumers!
Pork satay was really good. We went for second round.

The original Pontian Wanton Mee and more Otah!

Bought some Home Made Coffee Powder

Coffee Break before leaving for Home



  1. Food!
    Glorious Food!

    How you find the taste of the foods there compare to Singapore?

    1. Near fishing village like Pontian and Muar. Eat fish! It is really fresh! Endorsed by Line & Hook fisherman


    2. In Sungai Renggit (Pengarang) eat lobsters!

    3. In JB, opposite KSL mall, eat steamed La La at seafood shop.

  2. And what type of lobster can get at Sungai Renggit?
    Are you referring to "Local Mud Lobsters" - "Hare Poh"?
    Or imported ones?
    Mud lobster if cooked expertly with samble chillies concoctions, is just "superlicious"
    Of course, never will missed the "steam fish" one.


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