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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Why Pursue Financial Freedom? (3)

Read? Why Pursue Financial Freedom? (2)

CW8888: The reason is clear why we pursue financial freedom. It is to grant ourselves the Top 1 & 2 of employees' wishlist for unlimited annual leaves and the most flexible hours. LOL!

More annual leave tops Singapore employees' wishlist: Survey


SINGAPORE: What Singapore employees want the most is more days off, but their employers have a different view of what they think their team wants, according to research by recruitment firm Robert Half. 

In a media release on Wednesday (Dec 2), Robert Half said in a survey of 500 employees, 36 per cent placed more annual leave at the top of their wishlist, while 32 per cent put down more flexible hours as their top choice. Professional development opportunities came in third, with 20 per cent of respondents deeming it their top priority. 

Conversely, when 150 C-level employers were polled, 54 per cent said employees want more flexible hours, while only 18 per cent said employees would like more annual leave, the survey stated.

(Table: Robert Half) 

According to Robert Half, 12 per cent of employers thought professional development opportunities were at the top of their employees' wishlists. 

"Other perks such as childcare, laundry services and access to fitness facilities all ranked low on the list of the things employees most desire at work," the recruitment firm said. 


  1. I 2 days work 5 days off.

    Life is interesting.

    Working 2 days a week make me appreciate the 5 days off even more!

  2. I think I also need to look for 2 days a week job but on weekdays

  3. Replies
    1. Part-time retail sales on the selling floor :)

      Of course it's near minimum wage kind for me.

      Never study mah. If not I can give tuition too :(

      It's a lot more lucrative!

    2. How about part time taxi driver?
      i tell you it's very tough work but some very High I Q do it too.
      That's where the brilliance of LTA shown lah!

      i have thrown back my Taxi Licence to LTA., many years ago.
      XXUC said driving a taxi is a public service so i can not put $profit as my top agenda.
      How much XXUC makes from the PUBLIC per year?
      The pot calling the cattle black?
      The last straw for me is above?

      So now we have UBER, GRAB and what not in the future.
      Is really GRAB TAXI cheaper?

    3. We are profit oriented.

      That's how big daddy measures in KPIs - $

      But I do see some changes. And that's good!

      Taxi-driving can be a good fit for me since like trading, it's a solo kind of endeavour.

      Unfortunately, I only have class 2B.

      I'm the few men in Singapore that have no class 3 license....

      Luckily I still can be dispatch rider or do pizza delivery!

      I won't starve.

    4. Worse than SMOL. I only can ride bicycle with no other class X license. :-(

    5. My ex- boss once said: "You good. You have one decision less to make. To drive or not to drive?" LOL!

    6. CW,

      That means we both cannot win girls by renting a car and taking them to eat wind :(

      But we sure can attract tree hugging babes with our low carbon footprints :)


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