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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Portfolio's XIRR Is Getting Worse!!!

The trend is clearly getting worse!

ai loon!

As of 4 Dec 2015 market closing ...


  1. Ah!

    The seasons of investing!

    There will be Spring and Summer; and there will be Autumn and Winter.

    During Summer, must remember Winter is coming. (Don't get too carried away with straight-line extrapolations or compounding returns to the skies)

    During Winter, have faith Spring is round the corner. (Despair not and always keep a look out for opportunities)

  2. The theory and concept for long-term investing doesn't seem to work for retail investors.

  3. Long term investors or long term sufferers?

    If itchy still loon?

  4. Do we have the remaining years to enjoy the fruits of our investment?

  5. "人生亲像海上的波浪,有时起,有时落。好运,歹运,总嘛爱照起工来行。。。。。“

  6. Ha! Ha!
    Now, most singers in lounge or kara ok sing,
    "A sai kee, buay sai lok"
    What do you think?
    Hu yai boh?


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