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Monday, 21 December 2015

Net Worth : Shocking Truth Behind The Numbers For An Investment And Finance Blogger After 16 Years!!! (2)

Read? Net Worth : Shocking Truth Behind The Numbers For An Investment And Finance Blogger After 16 Years!!!

Read?  You don't save your way out of poverty

Now, we see who is talking ....

This flowery man but no flowery talk!


My first pot of silver was from corporate life.

Making money when we have money - that's a whole another ball game.

Yes. Hidden in that little statement is something much deeper and profound. No worries. You'll stumble to the truth all in good time...
It took him 23 years to accumulate size-able capital to have real impact on net worth. In investing, our account size really matters! 



  1. So how much is consider substantial capital?

    1. Relative to one's net worth or how many years of earned income as investing capital?

      For me, it is 40% of past 23 years of earned income.

    2. Actually 40% of past 23 yrs of earned income also means you save 40% of your income on average over the years. So, if you spent 60% of your earned income every year, the other 40% of your income not spent will be investing capital. Roughly lah.

    3. In those days when CPF contribution was 25+25 = 50% and compounding at much higher rate and 4 rm HDB flat only at $55K

  2. Wah lau!

    Like that also can?

    Hello! I not flowery man OK!?

    If guys start asking me out I'll come give you a kick!


    Are you saying I look like F4?

    That's not so bad...

    I take my words back.

    Coffee on me!


  3. Just anyhow count anyhow mumble to myself.

    Assume 5k per mth salary. 60k per year for 23 years. Everything multiple by 40%. That's about 550k!!

    Hehe. Anyhow whack

    1. Ya. Anyhow count. Anyhow whack. Wait for other senior citizens to whack you on your anyhow assumption

  4. Haha. Forgot most important thing. Anyhow round down and anyhow conclude. So one need 500k to have substantial investing income. Else better climb your corporate ladder!!

    Christmas and dong zhi time! Holiday mood. All anyhow!

    1. Start early but smaller. Start later but bigger. No right or wrong. Only starting wrongly when one has money is jialiat!

  5. Substantial capital to me is anything above 1 million. Yes, I started out one leg in coffin - 49. I think with income accumulation, discipline financial management and investment we will move in the right direction.

    1. Start off as Millionaire investor with $1m capital so no need to sign up for Millionaire Investor course. LOL!

  6. 1 million with 6 % dividend p/a is 60K.
    It is comfortable for most ordinary folks to spend per year.
    Average 5K per month.
    Now which counters in SGX pay at least 6 %?
    Which counters at least have not reduced their dividends for the last 5 years.
    The last 10 years will be better.
    Any one like to highlight any counters?
    Those counters that ask for money (Rights Issue), i think should be excluded.

    Nevertheless how much of your investing capital(%) will you put in stock?
    How much will you put in Bonds, real estate, etc...?
    Why WB always ask ordinary investors to go INDEXING in stocks?
    For retirees or going to retire, how should you invest?
    Still investing for the long term of 10 to 15 years?
    And why not?

    1. Headache, too many questions clouds my thinking lol. Seems that 'luck' stays with me when I KISS, remain in my core competency and stay very close to my clear goals. Been getting 7%+ dividend income the last 2 years.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.


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