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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

How Does He Know The Right Answer While Many Have Given The Reasonable Right But Wrong Answer? (2)

Read? How Does He Know The Right Answer While Many Have Given The Reasonable Right But Wrong Answer?

The Moral of the Story when you are retail investors ....

We are like most students we will know what is the reasonable right answer to invest. It is either through FA, TA, or combing both FA and TA or by following closely your trusted sources. 

We trust our analysis. 

We trust other experts' analysis. 

We trust our sources but we still put in effort and time to verify. 

When we poke them! They will tell you this. 


There will be plenty of reasonable right answers in investing but just few right answers that are coming right out from our own investing experience. 

Look back to our past years of investing experience and find them.

How many reasonable right answers that you have guessed; but Mr. Market said they are not RIGHT.



  1. Many right answers in the past are not applicable anymore because many things and situations have changed.
    Then are there anything that have not changed?
    Of course, there are.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I deleted my comment as I had put the comment before reading part 1. How silly of me. I realised that my comment was not suitable when both parts were taken together. O was rushing to jump to conclusion without looking at the whole picture.

    1. No worry here. Feel free to say anything unless it is unlawful or illegal with big boys watching. LOL!


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