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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Financial Advice for My New Son

Read? Financial Advice for My New Son

CW8888 likes best!

 7. The best thing money buys is control over your time. It gives you options and frees you from relying on someone else's priorities. One day you'll realize this freedom is one of the things that makes you truly happy.

That is the important reason why we, financial and investment bloggers tend to do - FIRE or FIRe.

The hate word from your bosses or VIPs!

..... by COB Today or Tomorrow 

Put aside what you are doing now and start working on someone else's priorities!


  1. i think that's the main motivation why i learn to invest in the first place - i don't have to work one day if i don't want to. Though at that time, it was not so clear to me. because i use "fuzzy logic" most of the times.

  2. CW,

    Nicely written and gels with grasshopper me :)

    We see what we want to see. Here's point 4 to rub it in:

    "If you're like most people, you'll spend most of your adult life thinking, "Once I've saved/earned $X, everything will be great." Then you'll hit $X, move the goalpost down the field, and resume chasing your tail. It's a miserable cycle to be in. Save your money and strive to get ahead. But realize your ability to adjust to new circumstances is more powerful than you think, and your goals should be about more than money."

    "Bronzwe smell" ants...

  3. Brother CW8888,

    Thank you for sharing this good post. I sent the link to my children. Hopefully they learn something from it.


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