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Monday, 7 December 2015

Is Our Net Worth Sustainable Across Market and Economics Cycles?

Uncle8888 saw several blog posts on net worth that were first triggered by Brolp's FB post and Uncle8888 has to join in the fun and gives his view on net worth.

Is our net worth sustainable across market and economics cycles?

Let see what happened when bulk of Uncle8888's net worth in the market in 2009 ...

Uncle8888 finally woke up from 2009 shock!

This type of net worth is not sustainable and he slowly works towards a more sustainable net worth through assets re-allocation and today at market closing, his net worth is  ...


  1. Wah a straight line from 2009 onwards. Now Uncle is waiting for the big bear to come :D

  2. very chim!

    mine is much simplier, got money spend, no money eat grass.

    1. after writing i regretted haha...

      what i really mean is my spending all depends on my overall money position. if got income i spend more, no income i cut cut cut! going according to my own money cycle.

      make i job much more simple.

    2. yap, i go where the grass are greener.

      can see the contras between a trader and an investor. yours is all the colourful chart and mine is those full of numbers spreadsheets. but serve one important function which is showing where is our position relative to the market.

  3. Ha! Ha!
    Boh Tak Chet Agar, Agar Logic can work too.
    Fuzzy Logic anyone?
    Like try not to spend more then what your assets can generate "cash flow" for you if you still want to grow your portfolio.
    If not enough cash flow generates by your assets, then try to limit the draw down on asset to 2 or 3 %.
    Actually hoh, if no need to leave a legacy behind, then spend until the G can take care of you one day.
    Dangerous thinking of spending all your money till the G take over?
    Grasshopper logic ma?
    What's the G for?
    Not always taking from the people only, right?
    But can you depend on the G?
    You have to even take care of yourself by making the best use of the CPF scheme devised by our G.
    Then why my wife's CPF's money is still "rotting" in the CPF Board though her CPFIS is still active.
    Only invested about $40,000.0 for dividend income about + 6 %.
    6 % is nothing great right?
    Investing is hard indeed!

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