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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Encountering At Least One Major Economic or Market Crisis Is Good For Our Future Prospectives!!!

Uncle8888 after encountering his first economic crisis and market crisis in 1998 AFC since starting work in Aug 1977 and then seeing his close and grown-up colleague weeping after being told of his retrenchment. His first time seeing an adult crying so badly out of funerals!

After 1998 AFC, he transformed into an Ant!

Not an ordinary Ant; but one super calculating and tracking Ant!

Grasshoppers dance in the Sun as they haven't look with their own their eyes long enough at their fellow dying grasshoppers in the Winter whispering to his Ant friend ... "Ya, I should at least listen to part of your planning for harsher Winter "

On Bonus

Since then he always spend his last year bonus after income tax. He doesn't spend on any future money and spend only what he has earned and deserved it!

So far, he has survived one pay cut and two pay freeze with zero bonuses over 40 years of corporate work life.

On Housing Upgrade

For years he has resisted Auntie8888 from housing upgrade and he chooses to be debt free for rest of his life without having any sleepless nights over future economic and market cycles.


  1. "resisted Auntie8888 from housing upgrade"

    Toughest when it involves a woman.

  2. Hi CW,
    My respect to you.
    A person who can live with whatever you are / have now, while looking forward to better one's situation / future.
    Is this the art of contentment?
    i don't know.
    i only know you have it.

  3. CW,

    Good choice to stay put at your current flat. Now the area has better amenities such as MRT/Bus interchange & shopping mall.

  4. CW,

    While I am frugal myself and know what u mean, but frankly in today's competitive meritocratic society, if I were to give advice to my own children when they are before 40, I will actually tell them to have moderate loan and can even upgrade. No problem.

    I know mainstream financial bloggers will disagree with me, but I will still share my pt!

    If u have the nec traits and talent to succeed (ok not many pple I know), moderate and more IMPT manageable loan is not nec bad nor scary. It actually provides impetus for youngster to Chiong!

    Imagine u r good at work and have the drive to Chiong and can earn 150-200k pa between 30 to 40 yrs old.

    That is 1.5-2mil in 10yrs. Minus expenses of say 70k and wife still working, it will mean 800-1.5mil savings in ten years! Frankly if further keeping expenses down and learn investment, not so difficult to FFF!

    Overly contended and without loan when young before 40s, can means for today generation "Su Kar Su Kar" throw letter in their boss face, for even the slightest thing and then stop working.

    Just my contrarian thoughts as always to make life more interesting!



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