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Saturday 6 November 2021

DBS - New ATH @ $32.37 - A Few Real Stories On Why Investing Over Long Term Is Much Harder Than Talking On Theories Or Listening To "Gurus"!!!

Hindsight wisdom is either regrets, sorry or heng ah!

The hindsight wisdom is now back to haunt Uncle8888! 

History repeating again!  

Is this time wiser or better??? 

Tuesday, 13 October 2020

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What wrong with Panadols sucking strategy?

Panadols collected from 2009 to 2021 from DBS is $10.31!


  1. Uncle8888,

    Ehh, it's not like you sold all your DBS lol. Only a small portion for trading.

    You planned the trade & traded the plan.

    I harvested a small chunk of US etfs yesterday after the strong run which pushed my overall risk assets to over 85% (hence proportionately my warchest is less than 15%).

    Just this morning, the US govt passed the $1T infrastructure spending bill.

    US (and likely SG) stocks are going to chiong again on Mon.


  2. Read? DBS Looking To Broaden Base Of Customers Who Can Trade On Its Digital Exchange
    According to DBS chief executive Piyush Gupta at the bank’s third-quarter results briefing on Friday (November 5), the bank is looking to give the broader retail market access to its members-only crypto exchange over the next year.

    Around 500 institutional and accredited investors are currently served by the exchange, and DBS is targeting to grow this base to about 1,000 by the end of 2021.

    The exchange was launched in December 2020, and previously was only operational between 9am and 4pm. Since August this year, it started operating on a full-day basis, and now has about S$500 million of assets under its custody.

    1. Ok...

      DBS better secure their backside!

      Wait retail lose money go Hong Lim Park cry father cry mother...

      I thought products offered by big daddy linked bank "should be" safe one!!!

      I want my life savings back!

    2. More profits for the bank! And likely that they will insulate the bank from any crypto armageddon.

      So may be better to deposit some spare cash into their stocks instead of their savings accounts. :P

      DBS provide initial filtering by allowing only a handful of "proven" cryptos out of the over 6,000 out there. Currently only BTC, ETH, Bitcoin Cash & Ripple. For sure no DeFi degen coins with 100,000% "interest" LOL.

      That doesn't mean "blue-chip" cryptos cannot fall -80% if there's a major crisis though.

    3. Quote : "So may be better to deposit some spare cash into their stocks instead of their savings accounts."


      Dividend of $1.32 @ current price of $32.29 is 4.1% "saving" rate.

  3. DBS Finnovation set up in 2020 to hold businesses adjacent to DBS’ core banking activities
    ▪ DBS Finnovation currently holds 3 entities which are new businesses
    ▪ In future, certain existing digital assets in DBS Bank could be moved under DBS Finnovation
    ▪ DBS Finnovation could be moved under Holding Company if warranted


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