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Tuesday, 7 December 2021

1M in SRS???

Hmm ... hor!

We contribute SRS for tax relief or tax avoidance; but we became very successfully in building up our wealth in SRS to $1M for withdrawal over 10 yrs and then willing to pay higher tax during our retirement!

Did Uncle8888 miss out something here? Cheam!!!


  1. Replies
    1. 400K is the optimal for tax free. Next is ... When should we stop contributing to SRS to optimize it. Another topic for investment talk. LoL!

  2. CW,

    That's why bei kambing minority investors have a problem with CEOs earning big bucks...

    As landowner, If we pay our shepherd $1 for every $10 he/she brings in, we would be glad to be paying our shepherd hundreds of millions!

    Wouldn't we?

    Same for SRS.

    If we pay NO taxes after when withdrawing SRS, we have not done too well with Earn More... We have only used SRS as a Save More tool. Which is still not too bad...

    But if we are paying obscene amount of taxes after withdrawing from SRS, then we should celebrating!!!


  3. Kekeke! Smol has beat me to it.

    If you do the calculations, it's still better to end up paying taxes for SRS withdrawals ... you end up gaining more than you lose. ;)

    The only exception is if your marginal income tax doesn't exceed the 3.5% bracket .... then you probably shouldn't contribute to SRS ... spend the money to upgrade employability skills! :P

    For those whose chargeable income is > $40K or $50K, then SRS is still worthwhile.

    BUT ... majority of SRS holders don't invest their SRS "properly" ... they should max it out to 100% in S&P500, Nasdaq, or at least Global Equity index, since they won't touch it for 30-40 years. Take any -50% bear markets along the way in stride. :P

    1. Spur,

      The more mysterious thing when talking about SRS, there' 25% rotting in cash earning 0.05% under SRS instead of the 2.5% in CPF!?

      I know I did say not sweating the small stuffs... But one must be saving a TON in tax savings to not care about leaving 2.45% on the table???

    2. If invest for 20 to 30 years confirmed, still can't escape SOR hoh.

      Some one ask if stock markets always go up in the long run, why so many people lose

      money one in the long run?


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