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Currently; it about 54% to destination!

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Sunday, 21 June 2020

CPF 1M65 : Before 55, You are CPF Rich but Cash Poor or CPF Rich and Cash Rich!

Read?1M65 - CPF Rich, Cash Poor - A Life Well Spent or A Life Well Wasted?

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Read? Top Up CPF SA From CPF OA? Depending On Who You Ask! (10)

Read? Hey! Are You Married With Kids?

Hmm .. where to read those comments on heated debate amongst those that strongly believe in the 1M65 or 4M65 movement?

Where ah?

CPF 1M65 is good for those are already cash rich and also has too much cash to invest and wanted to diversify their investment portfolio using CPF as their long-term bonds. Then go for it! 

But, the rest of us who are not that cash rich and specifically those who have younger dependents; it is better to think triple harder!


  1. Heheh, yup what many conveniently leave out is the good salary or liquidity that is required. ;)

    Not just an Asian thing. For those US 28 yr old millennials who Instagram their $1+M 401K (something like our SRS), what they don't say is their 6-figure annual starting salaries LOL.

    First things first. Focus on the bigger stuff. Personal finance pyramid.

  2. CW,

    Earn more; save more ;)

    If save more alone can make us rich, then misers would be the richest people in the world!

    Or ask housewives without any income how they get to save so much money?


    1. My immediate thought is how can one afford to be a housewife (with kids) in these current times..

    2. Better option is to be stay-at-home mum or dad with side hassle income unless one's spouse is high income earner

    3. Buildingmydream,


      Marry rich.

      You think how tai tais who never had a dad job in their lives can become high networth clients for private banking?

      Wait a minute.

      May I ask are you noona or oppa?

      If oppa, I can poke hard, hard.

      If noona, cannot poke; but can flirt a bit, bit...

      Better be respectful since I just went to your blog.

      You know WealthBusch and MusicWhiz from the cbox days at Bully the Bear!

      That makes you my blogging senior!

    4. Eh how come noona cannot poke but oppa can, and hard hard somemore?

      Is it you.....


      Oppa or noona, does not matter as long as we are all chingu here and enjoy the poking 😉

      I know them but they don’t know me.. I was a lurker, ahem, I mean silent reader remember?

      Only started blogging recently so that makes you my blogging senior!

      I can only proclaim to be a senior lurker, I mean silent reader!

    5. Marry rich..

      Simple but not easy. Need to get to know them.

      Marry for money or marry for love.

      Or the love of money becomes marrying for love lol!

      Uncle CW's side hassle income seems like a more romantic option, no?

    6. I'm a gentleman OK. Women must sayang; cannot anyhow poke. Wait kenna honey pot trap how?

      Man who can tahan poking from friends are my kind of buddies. Can joke, can have fun mah!

      Overly "sensitive" men I'll pass; life is too short to bother with strawberries ;)

  3. 1m65 in OA is definitely by people who earns above average salary or are in a lucrative profession or business.

    At 70, with some good CPFIS ROI CAN ONLY SMEll 0.82m in OA.

    So don't compare people to people, compare yourself to yourself will be more realistic.

    And maybe happier too.

    Even than some people will despise or jealous or envy U.

    So don't compare people to people.

    It will most probably make a �� of U.



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