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Friday, 26 June 2020

Most, If Not All Successful Investment Cases Are Just Hindsight Wisdom

Only after Point X, we will realize whether our investment is successful or not; and then those successful ones will be highlighted as case studies and those unsuccessful ones as lessons learnt. Tio bo?

All investment cases and lessons learnt are just hindsight wisdom or just talking heads by investment experts or Gurus.


  1. Confirm tio! Just like a marathon race, you can be the leader in the first 40km but in the last km, something happen and you cannot finish the race, you not only cannot become the first, but you will probably be the last.

    I have a close business associate being a boss for more than 30 years with good money in the past and everyday many people call him "boss this boss that" and live a wealthy and relatively powerful life. Nearing 70 now, his company go bust, and all his properties were used as mortgage for company loan, and now he and family has to stay in a newly bought 4-room HDB flat. Not only that his son who has no dealings whatsoever in the business except for registered as a Director to assist the loan because of his younger age, is now having a tainted marks in his financial record!

    Frankly I am quite against those who set up company to teach investment although I know most of them are not bad people e.g. Dr Wealth, Smart Investor, but frankly with their experience and track record up to today in their 40s or even 50s lets say are not qualified. Frankly not many people in SG are qualified to collect money to teach others to invest! In fact none in this country.

    So while they are good person by nature, but to be full time professional collecting fees to teach investment is by itself inherently ungodly and unethical!
    Those people are unaware now, but one day, I think it will come back to haunt them or their kids!

    1. I know I sound harsh to those investment guru but it is the truth. And for most of my readers, they know my character. I will never hide the truth, as in anycase I have no hidden agenda to profit.

      Actually, it is even quite bad in my opinion. Imagine with all your good intention of taking the student money to teach him investment. He win money good. But many will lose more money after paying "you as the investment guru". So there is a high chance you are collecting money to cause harm to people.

      Being a blogger and writer here is different. At least for me or yourself, we are not collecting the readers' money to teach them investment. In fact, we are sharing our knowledge with absolutely no hidden agenda, and with the amount of time and effort spent in writing, whatever ads income is not sufficient to cover our time spend.

  2. i think no body can beat me for forthrightness writing here.

    What i think i write.
    Maybe bother to correct for spellings only.
    Albeit at times i may sound stupid to some people.
    That's i think aloud some people may say that.

    It's O. K. having no agenda "Hua Hee Tu Ho" for me.

    U can think what U like, as we are not related in anyway.



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