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Currently; it about 54% to destination!

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Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Yield Hog???

Hmm .... it is alright to be yield hog!

Uncle8888 is also yield hog; but he likes lean meat better!

Fatty pork belly he will want to avoid.  

Too fatty may be unhealthy over long periods of consumption. May have to vomit out!  So not healthy for retired seniors who have weaker stomach!

Lean meats for Yield hogs???


  1. Who call me ah? I am Sa Zhan Bak.

    Although was avoided recently since not healthy over longer period, I am actually quite versatile.

    I can end up as Tau Yu Bak, Dong Po Rou or become Cantonese Roasted pork belly.. no problem! Take together with pu'er can cleanse lah

    1. Can also sweat it out those consumed fat. LOL!

    2. At my stage of life no need to stop taking pork belly but need to practise self control rationing.

      Instead of 3 full meals, one to one half meals is sufficient lol.

      i try to eat the same in the stock market.

    3. Woa, scratch my head? Why me? i am losing money now~all round.


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