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Friday, 19 June 2020

Understanding Stock Market Risks - Financial Fraud Risk is real! (4) - Right time to refresh!

Read? Understanding Stock Market Risks - Financial Fraud Risk is real! (4)

Read? Wirecard says it cannot rule out 'fraud of considerable proportions'

You can see that it is NOT S-chips!

Financial Fraud Risk is Real

Like honesty, we cannot assume that there is no financial fraud risk in our invested companies. All investment by nature are risky and financial fraud risk is real. This risk can never be analyzed by anyone and not even by world-class analysts or board members. So it is wise for us to protect ourselves against this risk through good portfolio management.

The truth about 3Ms in investing!

It is wise for us to protect ourselves against this risk through good portfolio management.

Too many retail investors are seeking the holy grail of Method in investing either through FA, TA or FATA. But; the true holy grail is ...

Method, Mind and Money Management

No matter how smart or how experience we are; we cannot analyze frauds from publicly available data and disclosures! NEVER!

The only true Holy Grail that will save us from destruction is ...

Not sure how many retail investors are seeking this Holy Grail?

The best of this Holy Grail; you DON'T have to seek "Gurus" to attend investment course to find it!

You get it?



  1. So short sellers & some analysts were right after all lol!

    To think that the company even managed to convince the German authorities to ban short selling of its stock for sometime & to charge some of the short sellers for stock manipulation.

    German court drops case against Wirecard short seller

    PS: Quite a lot of restaurants here use Wirecard payments system. Kekeke!

    1. Wirecard was a welcome technology success story in Germany, which made its name in heavy industry. But its fortunes unravelled after a whistleblower alleged that it owed its success in part to a web of sham transactions.

      Short sellers have insider info? :-)

  2. Ah....... S - CHIPs rather S-Cheats( traded and lost about 30 to 40 Ks)

    Managed to come out if not would have lost more money.

    Any good IPOs from China or HK in futures?

    Who dares again to try?

    1. Live local and eat local! Happy can oredi! No need to compare with others.

  3. Ha.. we have hyflux, Eagle and Chinese stocks.


    How about this type of risks as above?

    Be warned phase 2 and phase 3 in Singapore are coming.

    Foe me i rather face S-Chip risk 2 time or 3 time over than the above risks.

    Nothing is more precious than life.


    Do U think USA is too far away?

    Singapore is different?

    Asian's culture compare to White Supremacy's culture - we are more 4Ks or more sensible, respectful to our Gs?


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