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Thursday, 4 June 2020

The Truth About Multi-bagger : Real And Illusion

Read? DBS : Sold @ $19.88


Sold @ $19.88 and today DBS hit day high of $22.63

The truth about holding a multi-bagger : Time in the market or timing the market?

Time in the Market

Your realized gains started off as Panadols; and after Point X, Panadols turned into Golden eggs.

Your multi-bagger is an illusion until you have realized your gains somewhere near historical high stock price; and also you have retired from the stock market and never look at the stock market  ever again. Otherwise, your multi-bagger is just an illusion of wealth in the stock market!

17 years of holding DBS

Real ROC on total dividends collected is 171%

Illusion of wealth ROC : 192%

Time in the Market and timing the Market

Timing the Market will make your multi-bagger gains real!

The moral of the story : We have to be good at time in the market and then be better at timing the market.


  1. I retired from looking at DBS after grabbing it in 2008 and have never look at it again. Lol.

    1. Financially contented but plague with poor health. :( Down with gout again. Lol. Must be stay too long at home.

  2. One grand old uncle (80+) told me this. The same old uncle who held APB for XX years and lost count of how much money he has made.

    Yeap! Old uncle finally retired from looking at APB when it was sold to Thai Brev and was delisted. LOL!

    Read? The Investing Stories Behind Singapore's STI Blue Chips

  3. Replies
    1. One position for long term golden eggs and Round 23 still in play

  4. i think the problem i encounter about round and round of trading is i dislike like SGX suddenly caught traders by surprise. i think SIA was another one recently.

    i seldom trade. Not very good at it.

    i was tempted to trade this counter SGX, U know b4 the surprise.

    But i really look at the market daily even though i am not a trader.

    Is it strange?

    1. No problem looking at market to make our mind active during retirement.

      Got alamak, aiyo, Heng ah moments. Quite fun

  5. Not really so much thinking this way but always thinking there U see how "变 幻 莫 测"。

    So want to be greedy, have to think thrice.

    A little bit can lah

    My worst case was about 30 to 40 K burned trading in those wild days.

    Not so much greedy but KK lol.

  6. i think we should be informed.

    To me it is a form of "White Supremacy" mentality since WW2.

    i think this W. S. mentality may lead to WW3.

    i pray it will not be in our time.



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