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Saturday, 20 June 2020

Now Retail Remember Hyflux As Great Sinner???

But, to be fair to Hyflux who was once a Hero in her past glory!

Read? Lost Your Money In Hyflux???

Olivia's billionaire dream has became her nightmare!

Yes. Uncle8888 also believe in Olivia's dream; but in real life sweet dream can turn to nightmare! 

That is life! We have fatal accidents, heart attacks, strokes and cancers.

That is why is always about position sizing and money management so that in the worst case scenario we don't end up with suicidal thoughts to get out!

Hyflux is now a $270 million company, and Lum's biggest challenge will be to sustain its rapid growth. "There are further good years ahead," says Kerryn Tay, an analyst at GK Goh Research in Singapore, pointing to growing demand for Hyflux's products in China and government support at home. For her part, the hardworking Lum wants Hyflux to be worth $3 billion within five years. Grandma would approve

Read? Hyflux: Won more projects in China

1 comment:

  1. Wah! Still believe in Olivia's dream? Nice!

    Mr Widjaja further stated, among other things, that he would not consider making this investment if the current management of Hyflux, including Olivia Lum and the board of directors are removed, or if any member of the group is placed into judicial management or liquidation.

    He also provided a letter from an Indonesian bank to confirm that he has the necessary funds available and is willing to use the funds for the investment in the company.


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