As from April 2013 my Journey in Investing is to create Retirement Income for Life till 85 years old in 2041 for two persons over market cycles of Bull and Bear.

Since 2017 after retiring from full-time job as employee; I am moving towards Investing Nirvana - Freehold Investment Income for Life investing strategy where 100% of investment income from portfolio investment is cashed out to support household expenses i.e. not a single cent of re-investing!

Currently; it about 54% to destination!

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Sunday, 21 June 2020

My All-Weather Income Streams As Singaporean Retiree

Probably, the odd Singaporean investment blogger out there in Singapore investment blogosphere.

No rental income, no Gold or Silver, no Bitcoins, and no overseas stocks. 

Just CPF and local stock portfolio in SGX. 

Live local. Eat local. Receive SGD. No WHT!


  1. Unexpected one off $12K of passive income from Govt in 2020

  2. Hmmm, I much prefer the concepts of creating multiple sources of passive income for better sustainability.

  3. Fixed income flow from CPF will allow less aggressive/timid/simpler investing strategy on investment portfolio to generate investment income across market cycles.

  4. Hi CW,

    Once again thanks very much for sharing your retirement sustenance strategy. I think it is a robust strategy that should serve you well. We all desire and aspire for a financially stress free retirement and your strategy is a solid one. Keep your expenses within reasonable bounds and have at least one stable source of income to sustain that lifestyle.

    This is how my wife and I are planning for our retirement sustenance :

    Now to 61 (just in case we "decide" to retire)

    Basic income source
    CPF interest (OA & SA) about $50k (based on 2019 figures) pa
    Cash - Drawdown as needed

    Bonus sources (highly variable)
    Dividends - highly unpredictable. 2019 figure was $78k. This year, maybe halved!!
    Rental income - highly unpredictable. 2019 figure was $36k. This year, tenancy terminated after 4 months!! Luckily got new tenant after one month but at much reduced rental

    62 to 69 yo

    Basic source :
    CPF Interest (OA &SA) about $50K pa
    SRS drawdown : $38k pa (8 years)
    Cash : drawdown as needed

    Bonus source:
    Dividends - at the mercy of Mr Market
    Rental - at mercy of rental Market

    70 yo onwards

    Basic source:
    CPF interest (OA & SA) about $50k pa
    CPF Life about $54k pa
    Cash - as needed

    Bonus source
    Dividends - up to Mr Market
    Rental - as above.

    Looking at the above, we have to be prepared to drawdown on our principals or tighten our belts to live on just the income from the basic sources, IF this crisis wears on or somewhere down the road another major crisis hits. And hope that the govt doesnt reduced the CPF interest rates otherwise our planning will be out of the window.

    1. That is very solid sustainable retirement income life that you have. Good!

    2. Wah. I never see anybody have 50k cpf interest. May I know how much balance need to be in CPF to get 50k interest p.a.?

  5. Hi Uncle Createwealth8888, I have always admired your Koala approach + one person "swordsmanship" to creating wealth and building sustainable retirement income for yourself and family. It's really not easy. The time, sweat, effort and decision-makings.

    1. First time hearing Koala approach is okay and not getting Pokes. Ha ha!

    2. CW,


      Don't worry. If your head gets too inflated, you can always trust me to poke you to deflate for you ;)

      You are cool to share your zero baggers.

      You're koala, but you not bat-shit stupid to go full koala as in putting everything into one single stock or position!

      For total transparency and honesty, few here can compare to you ;)

      (Don't say poke only; got praise one OK?)

    3. I define zero baggers as not bad la. At least no up, no down right šŸ˜

      How I wish I can have zero baggers instead of negative baggers or cotton candies for that matter lol!

      Push.. and Pull..
      Yin.. and Yang..

      Most importantly, having fun poking around to learn different perspectives


  6. Don't forget i am the 1st one to recognize it not easy for U to do well in investing with a domestic house wife and sending 3 children to U education.

    In fact i think the stress U experienced is tremendous that may cause U to have the "C" sickness.

    But not to worry U are O. K. now


    1. Yea. You are first! You remember what you read. LOL

  7. Thank U.

    That's what count U can make a true friend.


    Don't belittle the Zorro's mask.

  9. Answer to pf

    It is combined for couple, not for one person.

    It is the combined total interests from our OA and SA based on 11 months.

    CW has kindly shared the "secrets" on how to preserve your SA principal and that is to withdraw on or after 5 Dec of each year.

    We are still working so have not started any withdrawals.

  10. Hi
    how to preserve SA principle before CPF transfer SA funds to RA? Whats the secrets?

    1. Only FRS in SA is transferred to RA. Not sure what is your question?

  11. Hi CW,
    Saw the msg from "mysecretinvestment" mentioned you shared quote" on how to preserve your SA principal and that is to withdraw on or after 5 Dec of each year."

    Im curious on this secret as i was checking this with CPF on some investment plans to move the funds out from SA before reaching 55.

  12. purpose is to keep as much funds in SA so that it is earning 4%pa. Avoid SA funds being lock up in RA till 65.

  13. Ok, I see where the confusion is.

    The question you were asking was how to "protect" your SA money from being moved into your RA at 55, while we were talking about withdrawing the yearly CPF interest from our OA and SA after 55, without drawing down the principals.

    For your question, you can refer to Straits Times article by Lorna Tan on how to protect your SA from being moved to your SA upon reaching 55. I dont have the link, but you should be able to easily find it using google search.

    Good luck


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