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Saturday, 11 August 2018

Wow! That 20% Compound Return!!! (4)

Read? Wow! That 20% Compound Return!!! (3)


They can teach you how to find 20% compound return stocks. 

They also practice what they teach into their own investment holding company.

Trainer proudly showed her last year 6 digit dividends received as she is also shareholder of the company.

But; own-self stock price fell from peak of 1.38 on 31 Dec 15 to 0.14 on 10 Aug 18.

This year not sure, trainer still can receive 6 digit dividends?


  1. CW,

    She and her young underling (20 year plus "guru" teaching bei kambings how to be financially free with e-commerce) invited me for coffee several years back.

    I figured they were trying to entice me to the dark side...

    However, they never expected I WERE already from the dark side ;)

    You should see how they were putting down trading and hyping up "value investing"...

    They lost interest when I told them I'm a cheerleader of encouraging investors/traders to think for themselves, make your own mistakes, and developing your own investing/trading thesis ;)

    In the financial education and advisory business, that's not the business model...


  2. Ya, stop dreaming a white knight will appears, then all your dreams will come true.

    There is no short-cut in life.

    If U try short-cutting in life, most probably U will have to stay in "G sponsor Changi Hotel"

  3. lol … lol … lol …

    lol … lol … lol …

    lol … lol … lol ...


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